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Rosin Ester ( PENSEL® 
Wuzhou  Arakawa  Chemical  Industries, Ltd.    has used advanced production facilities and proprietary  technology of  Arakawa Chemical Industries,  Ltd. of Japan to turn rosin, one of the natural resources  endowed  by  the  Earth  to  the human  being,  into  environmentally  friendly  type PENSEL®   which  is  used in  adhesives  and  glues PENSEL®,  light  in color,  aging-resistant   and   having   a   good   antioxidizing   property    is   appreciated    by  the customers at home and abroad.


The reason  why  PENSEL®  is greatly  welcomed is that it  possesses  excellent   quality   characteristics  and  the  range of  its  applications  is  continuously expanding.  At present, it has been widely used in the bookbinding glue, package, adhesive  plaster, labels, etc.



In order to adapt to the situation of China is becoming a member of World Trade Organization, Wuzhou Arakawa is developing and introducing, with the technical support from Japan, new the customers of different lines in Chinese market and abroad. Wuzhou Arakawa can hold a leading position in the strong industry competition all the time.

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