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Sizing Agent ( SIZEPINE® )
  SIZEPINE® N  Series  is  a  kind  of  anionic and dispersed rosin sizing agent produced with proprietary technology of Arakawa Chemical industries, Ltd. of Japan. The characteristics, property are quality of its products are much better than those of the traditional saponified  rosin  sizing  agent.  Its  products also possess a good sizing property and can improve the waterproof property of paper & prevent the permeation of ink.

  Now, for the purpose of improving the quality of products, reducing production costs and seeking for the rationalization of production technology, much stricter demands have been put forward to paper-making additive manufacturers. "The production of  high-quality paper, recycling and reuse of waste paper" has become the development  tendency and a new research theme  in  the Arakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd.  has produced  and sold two kinds of products-acid and faintly acid sizing agent. 

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