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Advanced and Mature Production Technology  
¡¡The major production technology and manufacturing engineering  are  wholly  imported  from  Arakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd. of Japan. The strict technical supervision by the Japanese side and the effort to realize technical modernization by the Chinese side have brought about steady improvement in production technology.   

Timely and Strong Technical Support  
¡¡Relying  on  proprietary  technology  of  Arakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd. of Japan, Guangxi Wuzhou Arakawa Chemical  Industries, Ltd., always makes a  quick response to the customers¡¯ demands, and, with the superiority of both Chinese and Japanese technical staff¡¯s cooperation,  can provide the customers with strong technical support.  
Accurate and Efficient Supply Systems  
¡¡With strict and efficient stock control systems, Wuzhou Arakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd., can guarantee the timely supply of the products that the customers  need.  The  smooth product logistics system can make it possible that the product are delivered accurately and promptly to the customers.   

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