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Strict Quality Control
Every staff member has been aware of the importance of quality. The strict  quality control system gives security for producing quality products.

Complete Quality Management System
In December, 1999, Wuzhou Arakawa  Industries,  Ltd.  obtained the Quality System Authentication ISO9002, the detailed requiements of which have become its  staffs guideline .

Guangxi Wuzhou Arakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd. began to do the  work of the new edition procedure for 2000 version starting in September, 2001. In august, 2002, Guangxi Wuzhou Arakawa Industries, Ltd.  has  obtained  the  Quality  System Authentication of  ISO 9001:2000  under the concerted efforts of its staff.
Guarantee of Steady Quality
Guangxi Wuzhou Arakawa  Chemical  Industries,  Ltd. enjoys reliable quality control system.  From  its founding  to  the present, the products of every batch  are  strictly checked by its quality control division  and  the  samples of the products are  sent  at  regular  intervals  to the R&D Center of Arakawa  Chemical  Industries, Ltd. of Japan in order to test the condition and stability of  the quality.

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